Curriculum Committees 2019-2020


“Continually monitor and adjust curriculum development, instructional practices, and learning expectations so that they evolve with research and futuristic outcomes to close the achievement gap and meet the broad range of our students’ learning needs and aspirations.” The purpose of these various district curriculum committees is to ensure that the GFPS Long Range Goal is met while doing so in a legally defendable process as set by school board policies and required by state accreditation standards. For a more complete picture of all the requirements of policy and accreditation law and how GFPS fulfills these requirements, please see Click Here!


Parents & Community Members!
Are you interested in serving on a GFPS Curriculum Review Committee?

The Great Falls Public School District is seeking parents and community members who are interested in serving on the curriculum review and adoption committees.

Anyone interested in serving on a committee is encouraged to fill-out and submit the application through the link below. All applications or questions regarding the committee and obligations of committee members are to be directed to the GFPS Curriculum Office at 268-6020.

GFPS Curicculum Committee Application

Shelly Kelly and Susan Quinn
Meeting Frequency: 

Varies by committee. We typically have 3 or 4 different committees running throughout the school year. Most committees try to meet at least three times per semester until the review process and adoption have been completed.

Usual Meeting Place: 

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Meeting Dates and Times: 

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Committee Members: 

Dear Community Members,
One of the first steps in our curricular review process is to form a committee of teachers, administrators, board members and community members.
There is one committee slated to begin the 2018-19 school year:
Elementary Science Assessment (Nov. 14, Jan. 22,  March 31, and May 28)
If you would like more information about this committee and/or are interested in becoming a member, please contact:
Shelly Kelly
Elementary Coordinator of Curriculum, Implementarion, Instruction and Assessment





Other Information: 

These content specific committees are responsible for the review, revisions, preview, and recommendations to the superintendent for adoption of any new curriculum, textbooks, resources, and course offerings. The work by these committees also sets the direction for the resulting implementation and assessment committees that will form as a result of the formal adoption by the GFPS Board of Trustees.