Air Quality Information


It is once again late summer/early fall in Montana which finds us dealing with smoke in the air.  As Great Falls has an air monitoring station, you can find the current local health effect category very easily by clicking on the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) link ( and then clicking again on Great Falls.  This will show you the trend data for the current day as well as for the day before.  You can also find the health effect categories and their explanations on this page.  Click here for “Activity Guidelines for School for Wildfire Smoke Events”.


The GFPS Athletic Director and all fall sport coaches carefully and constantly monitor air quality.  Based on the information, they adjust practices and competitions accordingly.  The Montana High School Association also provides guidance as to when activities should be modified based on concentration levels.  Please note that games and activities may be delayed or cancelled based on smoke concentrations and how they are trending.  Please check the GFPS website, Facebook and Twitter for updated information.  Please note that some decisions will be made at game time.

Fall Sports