3110 Entrance, Placement and Transfer

3110R Entrance, Placement and Transfer

3120 Compulsory Attendance

3121 Enrollment and Attendance Records

3121R Enrollment and Attendance Records

3122 Attendance Policy

3122R Attendance Policy

3124 Military Compact Waiver

3125 Education of the Homeless Children

3125F Dispute Resolution Form – Homeless

3130 Students of Legal Age

3141 Discretionary Nonresident Student Attendance Policy

3145 Foreign Exchange Students

3145R Foreign Exchange Students

3150 Part-Time Attendance

3150R Part-Time Attendance

3200 Student Rights and Responsibilities

3202 Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities

3210 Equal Education, Nondiscrimination and Sex Equity

3215 Uniform Complaint Procedure

3221 Student Publications

3222 Distribution and Posting of Materials

3222R Distribution and Posting of Materials

3224 Student Dress

3225 Sexual Harassment/Intimidation of Students

3226 Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying

3231 Searches and Seizure

3232 Investigations

3233 Student Use of Buildings; Equal Access

3235 Video Surveillance

3300 Corrective Actions and Punishments

3300R Corrective Actions and Punishments

3310 Student Discipline

3311 Firearms and Weapons

3312 Detention

3340 Extra and Co-Curricular Chemical Use Policy

3345 Gambling

3410 Student Health

3413 Student Immunization

3415 Final Management of Sports Related Concussions

3415F Student Athlete Parent Legal Custodian Concussion Statement

3415P Final Management of Sports Related Concussions

3416 Administering Medicines to Students

3416F Asthma Med Form

3417 Communicable Diseases

3418 Life Threatening Allergies/Medical Conditions

3420 Head Lice

3431 Emergency Treatment

3440 Removal of Student During School Hours

3510 School-Sponsored Student Activities

3520 Student Fees, Fines, and Charges

3530 Student Fund Raising Activities

3535 Distribution of Fund Drive Literature Through Students

3600 Student Records

3600R Student Records

3600F  Students Records; Notification to Parents and Students of Rights Concerning a Student’s School Records

3606 Transfer of Student Records

3608 Receipt of Confidential Records

3611 Gangs and Gang Activity

3612 District-Provided Access to Electronic Information, Service, and Networks

3630 Cellular Telephone and Electronic Signaling Device Policy

3650 School Resource Officer