October 5, 2015
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Top Ten, Twenty, Thirty,…

I hope you have noticed that I have made it my personal mission over the last two and half years to tell the story of GFPS. I have made it a priority to share our stories, which are really the community’s stories, as often as I can and wherever I can.

Externally, we have worked to increase the District’s presence in social media especially on Facebook and Twitter. We have worked to get the stories out via press releases, radio ads and the webpage. I speak at no less than five community events per month. I make myself available to the press whenever they ask. We continue our efforts around Edulink, Remind 101, Powerschool bulletins and all the many other ways we reach out to parents.

Internally, I have tried to get information out to staff via presentations at meetings, all staff emails and bi-weekly messages in Newsbits. If you are reading this article in Newsbits, thank you. (Keep reading…there is lots of important information every week.) I pass important information on to department leaders who then pass it on to you.

I learned in a public relations course that a leader must communicate, communicate, and communicate some more. There are days when I am sick of listening to myself only to run into someone that complains about the lack of communication! Communicate, communicate and communicate some more!

To that end, I have added a new strategy this year called “Tammy’s Top Ten on Tuesdays.” Every other Tuesday, I send out an email to a listserve of almost 1500 addresses. Most are emails of community members, who are the target audience, and I’m excited that the list has been growing every week. The email includes ten things for the public to know about GFPS. You can find the lists from August 25, September 8 and September 22 here: I am going to start sending them out to staff via “all mail” so you can see what is going out to the public. You can have friends and neighbors sign up to receive the email at the link above.

Please know that it is hard to just list ten. Each week, there are ten, twenty, thirty amazing things happening district-wide. If you ever have an idea to add to the list, please let me know and I will try my hardest to communicate, communicate and communicate some more. Thanks for your help!

Take care. Be safe. Stay well.


Montana Meth Project Winner-Peyton Schliep!

Congratulations to CMR student artist Peyton Schliep, who was the winner of the Montana Meth Project contest. Great job Peyton!


Impact Aid (Federal) Count

Impact Aid (Federal) count will be taken on Monday, October 5 2015 in all schools. The cards, forms and letters will be delivered to your school on Tuesday, September 15, 2015 and are to be sent home with the students Wednesday, October 7, 2015. Students who are absent are to take the cards home when they return. DO NOT send the cards home earlier than the 7th. Thank you.

Dale Lambert
Student Services Director


Host Families Needed

Click here for information on becoming a host family for the Montana Student Council Conference in Great Falls October 18-20, 2015


CMR All Staff and Faculty Reunion

Are you a former staff or faculty member of CMR High School? If so, come help celebrate 50 years of CMR history by joining us for the CMR All-Faculty-Staff Reunion, October 8-10. Won't you join your current and former colleagues for these fun events?

Register on our website or send in the form via mail if you prefer. Visit for all information, online registration, mail-in form and contact information.

Thursday, Oct. 8
Coronation Assembly
Informal Gathering at Elks: 7-9 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 9
Football Game ($6 or Golden Age Pass, available from GFPS Superintendent's office for those)

Saturday, Oct. 10
Tour of School
Dinner at Heritage Inn: 5:30 no host cocktails; 6:30 dinner followed by program

Education is Prevention

Angela Meyers, LCPC

will be presenting on disorders co-occurring with domestic violence.



34th Annual Cross Town Run Around

34th Annual Cross Town Run Around
October 27, 2015 (Tuesday)
Paris Gibson Education Center
Race begins at 4:15 pm

The date for our Annual Cross Town Run Around has been set since 1982, typically the Tuesday of Cross Town Football week. Although it has been on the district calendar since early last spring, we wanted to remind you of the date and hope you can attend. As many of you know it is quite a lot of fun to walk or run with staff from all-round the district. This event happens rain or shine….sleet or snow! More details to follow and look for posters in your building. Be thinking of a theme as the 7 trophies are up for grabs once again! As our dear friend Mikie Messman would say “Rally the troops and join us for Cross Town!”.


Staff Purchasing Reminders & Tips

From time to time as staff members, we get pre-approval and buy certain items for school use with our personal money. By district policy, the maximum limit for a staff reimbursement is $150. Once a purchase has been pre-approved by an immediate supervisor, the purchase should not include personal items on the same receipt. To avoid the reimbursement process totally, many merchants accept hand carry purchase orders. This means that staff members won’t have to use their own money and go through the burdensome process of getting a check from the district to be reimbursed for their purchases. The Purchasing Department (Mary - #6040/Kayla - #6043) will work with you to identify the merchants who accept hand carry purchase orders.

Safety Corner...

Congratulations to you the employees of the Great Falls School District. We had a fantastic work comp. year in 2014-2015. We are headed the right direction. Therefore, now more than ever we need to stay the course and be ever watchful, careful, and mindful of safety in the everyday routines as well as the unusual situations that we encounter. Please encourage, help and remind each other to be safe in our daily work. Our safety record has a direct impact on the General Fund for the District. Winter will be here before we know it....please wear the appropriate foot wear for the surface conditions you will walk doesn’t mean much when you are hurting from slips/falls.