November 2, 2015
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Cross Town Run Around News and 2015 Results!

 In preparation for next year’s 35th Annual Cross Town event, the Wellness Committee decided to go back to the original locations of GFH and CMR! In the past the event was rotated between the two schools. We thought which school do we go back to first to start the rotation? Our answer: Let’s determine the largest % of “feeder” schools to GFH and CMR attending the 2015 event! Simple math right?! So the 35th ANNUAL CROSSTOWN RUN AROUND will be held at: C.M. Russell High School the Tuesday of Cross Town Football week October 2016.

If you missed the 34th Annual Cross Town Run Around, check out the results below!
Also take a look at the awesome photo slide show by clicking on the following link:
Awesome Photo Slide Show!

Individual Winners:
1 Mile: Seth Flaten, SS; Lily Kessel, SAC
3 Mile: Zac Liedtke, RS; Keely West, West
GFH Spirit Award: Carol Shipley, GFH
CMR Spirit Award: Bill Clark, NMS

Traveling Trophies Awarded:
Elementary % : Loy “A-Loy-Ha”
Middle School % : NMS “Can Say No To Drugs”
High School % : Great Falls High
DOB vs Annex, Warehouse, B&G, ELF %: DOB “GFPS is out of this world!”
Most Improved %: Mountain View “Super Power Teachers!”
School Spirit Award: Theme Award: Morningside “Bill’s Buck-A-Roos!”

Honorable Mention Themes:
Sacajawea “Sac of Bones” all dressed in groovy skeleton t-shirts!
West “Rock Star Round Up” you guessed it rock and roll stars with guitars!
Whittier “Super Selfies” which was also the Red Ribbon Theme this year.

Special thanks to the vast group of people who made the 34th Annual Cross Town Run Around
a very fun event for all who attended! Certainly would not happen without all of these people!
Bob Stingley, GFH Cross Country Team, Mike Arps, and the Paris Custodial Staff, Drew Uecker,
Judy Atkison, Tammy Lacey, Mindy Kiser, Ruth Uecker, Kim Fadrhonc, Cindy Gordon, Sandy Bennett,
Gary DeGooyer, Lisa Henry, GFPS Employee Wellness Team, GFPS Zumba Instructor Amber Blodgett,
Brenda Hess, Melody Stevens, Miranda Murray, Erica & Hannah Harp, Julie Graham,
CARE Program: Katy Nicholls, Jody Murray, Danielle Funseth

Building Elementary Leaders


ELL CORNER for November 2, 2015

Do They Understand Me?

We all want ELLs to succeed and learn the English language well and rapidly. For those reasons, immersing them in the language seems like it would be the best approach. Unfortunately, ELLs do not just "soak up" the language around them – the need to have some understanding of what their teacher and classmates are trying to convey. To accomplish this, we need to provide ELLs with messages and pieces of information that are just slightly above their level. When we do this, we are providing ELLs with comprehensible input. Some tools and strategies that can help us give ELLs this comprehensible input are using visuals, sketches, gestures, paraphrasing, media, modeling and anything that can help activate the ELLs background knowledge. If you would like more information on providing comprehensible input for your students, or if you would like guidance on how to scaffold the presentation of comprehensible input, please contact either Lisa Jahraus or Irina Payne.

In addition to teaching students who may be learning English, you also need to communicate with parents who may have different language abilities. If you need a translator, for parent-teacher conferences or any other parent-teacher interaction, please contact Lisa or Irina ASAP!

Lisa Jahraus, Title TSA, 268-6028
Irina Payne, ESL teacher, 268-6056


School Grant Program from the Montana Masonic Foundation


United Way Goal!



K-12 Educational Leadership Masters Cohort Program

Come meet with MSU educational leadership program department head and professors. During this meeting you will have an opportunity to learn about the K-12 Principal Cohort program of study that we plan to start in the near future (summer 2016 or fall 2016). This will be a great opportunity to get your questions answered and determine next steps. Feel free to share this invite with others. This opportunity will be open to all teachers grades K-12. Hope to see you there.

When: November 17, 2015 3:45-5pm
Where: DOB- Birch and Cedar rooms


STEAM Expo 2016!