2017-2018 School Budgeted Funds Projected Tax Increase\Decrease

This information is being provided to help understand the tax impact which can be expected as the result of the adoption of the school district budgeted funds. The budgeted funds include the General Fund Budget which covers the general operations of the school district.  Other budgeted funds are Transportation, Tuition, Retirement, Adult Education, Technology, Flexibility, Building Reserve, and Bond Levy.  


Local taxpayers will be paying additional local taxes for schools this year due to recent legislative changes which shifted a portion of the State share to the local level.  The shift is detailed in the General Fund Budget Section of the chart below.  There was not voted levy by the Board; this increase is due to the legislative changes.  Specifically, the High School General Fund Budget was decreased by $99,027 and the tax impact on a person with a residence valued at $100,000 increased by $2.45.


The impact of the bond election can be found by viewing the Bond Levy Fund on the chart.  It is important to know that not all bonds have been sold because once money is received by the district, the district has three years to spend the funds.  Due to the complexity of completing most of the work in the summer months when school is not in session and balancing the labor force available to complete the work, only about two-thirds of the bonds were sold.  The remaining bonds are scheduled to be sold in 2019. 


There was also an increase in the Building Reserve Fund this fiscal year.  The State changed the laws which allows the board to permissively levy funds to help address infrastructure issues.  This fund will help address high cost facility improvement for items such as boilers and roofs.  The revenue in this fund is allowed to be carried over from year to year. 


Tax Calculation Information 


The chart below provides an approximate mill increase or decrease for each Budgeted Fund.  The total for all budgeted funds is located at the bottom of the chart.  Cascade County has an excellent program which allows people to view tax information.  An individual tax calculator is included to help taxpayers determine the overall impact of the changes made from the previous year will impact them.  The steps to figure the impact can be found just above the calculator.   This information is based on the initial Taxable Valuation provided to the district in August and does not include any potential adjustments which could be made during the year.  The elementary and high school taxable valuations have also been averaged on the tax calculator for ease of use.  The impact number will not be exact due to this average.


Great Falls Public Schools

2017-2018 Property Tax Impact Estimates

August 2017

Budgeted Fund     Yearly Tax Yearly Tax Yearly Tax
  Mill Increase\ Decrease Increased\ Decreased Dollar Amount Increase or Decrease on a $100,000 Home Increase or Decrease on a $150,000 Home Increase or Decrease on a $200,000 Home 
General Fund 17-18 17-18      
Elementary 5.11  $426,723  $6.85  $10.28  $13.70
High School 1.75  $(99,027)  $2.45  $3.67  $4.89
Total 6.86  $327,696  $9.30  $13.95  $18.60
Transportation Mills $ Amount        
Elementary -1.69  $378,933  $(2.27)  $(3.40)  $(4.53)
High School 0.99  $265,154  $1.38  $ 2.08  $2.77
Total -0.7  $644,087  $(0.88)  $(1.32)  $(1.76)


Mills $ Amount        
Elementary 5.98  $874,211  $10.27  $15.40  $20.54
High School 0.07  $102,965  $1.20  $1.80  $2.41
Total 6.05  $ 977,176  $11.47  $17.21  $22.94


Mills $ Amount This is a countywide levy.    
Adult Education Mills $ Amount        
Elementary -0.03  $-0.00  $(0.04)  $(0.06)  $(0.08)
High School 0.20  $-0.00  $0.28  $0.42  $0.56
Total 0.17  $-0.00  $0.24  $0.36  $0.48


Mills $ Amount      
Elementary -0.04  $(66,141)  $(0.05)  $(0.08)  $(0.11)
High School -0.01  $(47,838)  $(0.01)  $(0.02)  $(0.03)
Total -0.05  $(113,979)  $(0.07)  $(0.10)  $(0.14)


Mills $ Amount        
Elementary 0.00  $58,015  $-0.00  $-0.00  $-0.00
High School 0.00  $33,752  $-0.00  $-0.00  $-0.00
Total 0.00  $91,767  $-0.00  $-0.00  $-0.00
Building Reserve Mills $ Amount      
Elementary 4.00  $528,689  $5.36  $8.04  $10.72
High School 2.29  $320,400  $3.20  $4.80  $6.41
Total 6.29  $849,089  $8.57  $12.85  $17.13

Bond Levy

Mills $ Amount        
Elementary 19.20  $2,633,058  $25.74  $38.61  $51.48
High School 12.87  $1,799,755  $18.00  $27.00  $36.00
Total 32.07  $4,432,813  $43.74  $65.61  $87.48
All Budgeted Funds            
  Mills $ Amount      
Elementary 32.53  $7,464,546  $45.86  $68.79  $91.72
High School 18.16  $2,375,161  $26.50  $39.75  $53.01
Total 50.69  $9,839,707  $72.36  $108.55  $144.73 


Steps to figure out individual tax impact.

   #1:   Go to the website:  

   #2:  Type in the last name of the property owner - hit search and choose the correct property parcel from the list by clicking on the parcel number.

   #3:  The tax statement details will come up. In the 2017 Section there are two figures. These include the Market Value and the Taxable Value.  See below.

   #4:  Under the “2017 Value”, find the “Market” amount.

   #5:   Insert the “Market” amount into Yellow box in the Bond Calculator below.



Great Falls Public Schools Budgeted Funds Levy Impact Calculator

Insert "Current Market Valuation" Amount Here (number):$

  Yearly Monthly
Estimated Amount: $ $

There is a small difference between the elementary and high school mill value amounts. The two districts valuations have been averaged to figure the total above.

Please note:This calculator is for residential property only.