Student Wellness Committee 2016-2017


To institute activities in order to accomplish the following:

  • Raise the awareness of our staff, students, and parents regarding childhood obesity
  • Develop a comprehensive student wellness program that rigorously addresses policy, education, and awareness
  • Increase the availability of healthy foods in our schools and, conversely, decrease the availability of unhealthy foods during the school day
  • Increase the level of physical activity among our students

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Jody Murray, CARE Program

Meeting Frequency: 


Usual Meeting Place: 

Paris Gibson Education Center

Meeting Dates and Times: 

As needed

Committee Members: 

Erica Harp - AHK (Action for Healthy Kids) Leader
Jennifer Spellman - GFPS Food Service Supervisor
Lacey Gallagher - Benefis Health System
Lindsay Smith - City County Health Department
Abigail Lichliter - MSU Extension
Sydne George - GFPS parent

Other Information: 

The GFPS Student Wellness Program partners with other community task forces such as: Action for Healthy Kids and Get Fit Great Falls.